DJ Rage has helped thousands throw the event of a lifetime for over 15 years by providing DJ entertainment for companies and events worldwide. A world-class disc jockey from the Central Florida area, he performs at clubs and large scale events. Rage rocks crowds everywhere he goes whether it’s bringing in New Year’s Eve with a sold out crowd of 80,000 people or providing cat walk music at a Bloomingdale’s designer launch fashion show. DJ Rage has provided corporate event DJ entertainment, audio recording, lighting and A/V around the world from Fiji to Los Angeles to London for companies such as the world renown Anthony Robbins Company, Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company, Redbull, Screenplay and Fashion Rock. He has provided entertainment for wedding and celebrity events, and has spun for major league baseball players Johnny Damon and Ken Griffey, Jr., as well as the legendary rock band AC/DC. DJ Rage knows what it takes to elevate a dance floor or event with his natural ability to invoke emotions through music of all genres.

The target audience is corporate and high profile clients. Although DJ Rage quickly became a local favorite, he is not the average “wedding” DJ. He continues to play in some local Florida clubs, but is building his private clients.

Strengths: DJ Rage has an impressive list of well-known clients and testimonials to provide as references to new clients. With the bobble head, he has created a unique brand for himself. This unique personality and insight to music allow him to stand out from competitors.
Opportunities: As a Florida native, he has local clients available to market within his target audience; examples are Universal Studios and Disney World. The music industry is constantly evolving; DJ Rage can take advantage of its evolution by incorporating new material in his videos and performances.

IMC: Today, there are numerous channels that lend themselves to marketers as communication tools. Brands are no longer limited to 30 second commercials or weekly newspaper ads. People are on the move and so are the social channels with which to reach them. It is important that brands know where to be present and how to use media to deliver their message; this is the framework. It is the responsibility of the brand communicators to build a successful multimedia communications plan. IMC is an ongoing, data-driven process that strategically integrates all media channels to encourage profitable relationships with consumers. Today, consumers are looking for relationships with brands. People like to be involved. They like their comments quoted. They like relevant, entertaining ads at their fingertips. They like being a part of the conversation. An effective IMC plan strategically interacts with the consumers on every level necessary. It ensures that a consistent brand message is displayed on all media platforms. One goal of an IMC approach is ubiquity, having a simultaneous presence everywhere.
As Antony Young states in his book, Brand Media Strategy, there is “a new set of rules for a new media world.” The business is no longer about simply being present but rather about being impactful, thus the shift from media planning to communications planning. To understand the need for the shift, you must first understand the difference. Media planning is about execution. Commercials and ads are executed with the following goal: to reach a specific audience, at a specific time, for a specific price. Young believes, “…communications planning is less about reaching people than influencing them.” Communications planning starts with the consumer, not the product. I believe Young sums it up perfectly when he says, “It is about moving away from the job of delivering messages to audiences and moving toward better understanding of how consumers receive and respond to communication.”

The DJ business is a business full of emotion in itself. One reason DJ Rage is passionate about his job, is because he sees how music affects people. Music can change the mood of any event and create an instant lifelong memory. Why wouldn’t a brand want to create this same emotion in its marketing campaign? Through an effective IMC approach, brands can do just that. While it’s important for the brand to be present, it’s even more important to be impactful.

In addition to the IMC suggestions outlined in the content section, DJ Rage should invest in a few additional platforms. It’s important to establish a relevant and accurate e-mail database so that email marketing can be utilized. This is an inexpensive way to reach a large amount of individuals at once. E-newsletters are a great way to build awareness of the brand and create customer loyalty. An achievable goal would be to create a quarterly newsletter which included current news in the dj business, a schedule of DJ Rage’s events, a behind the scenes section, and a get to know our fans section. Another tool DJ Rage should definitely be utilizing is proximity marketing. This could be utilized during the convention to get individuals to come to him and at events open to the public. By reaching out to people that are close to him, he can gain additional bodies at his events that would otherwise not have come.

A nice place for DJ Rage to begin in planning and analyzing his social media channels would be through HootSuite. This tool provides a convenient, user friendly dashboard to manage multiple accounts. With this tool, DJ Rage can plan and analyze results and still save time to do the important things…like creating mash ups!

Put simply, DJ Rage is in the entertainment industry; his brand image should reflect that. It is crucial for him to develop an effective IMC strategy that promotes entertainment and thrives on consumer engagement.


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