IMC Driven by Analytics

Analytics are important for both small and large organizations.  To ensure a brand’s long term success, it is necessary for social media managers to continuously review, evaluate, and analyze data.  Integrated marketing campaigns must be altered and revised based on analytics.  The data provided for social media channels generates real-time feedback for the campaign.  If used correctly, this is extremely powerful.

Below is an analysis based on Facebook analytics for XYZ Company.  XYZ Company is a heating and cooling (HVAC) company located in Western Massachusetts.  For educational purposes, we will evaluate the data and approach.

Typically, Facebook has a heavier female audience, but this company’s fans are split almost evenly.  57% are female and 43% male.  It is most popular with men between 25-34yrs and women 35-44yrs.  The fans are predominantly local, from the East Coast.  The top three cities with the most fans and reach are Amherst, Springfield, and Chicopee, MA.

During the week of 10/31/2105 to 11/06/15 there were 489 likes, up 1.2% from the prior week and the reach was 1,704 which was down 34.5% from the week prior.  Both the Total Reach and Post Reach were down 34.5% and 39.5%, respectively, from the week before.  Engagement did increase 446.7% this week.  The post that received the most reach and engagement was on November 1.  The post was regarding a Fujitsu wall mounted heat pump.


The majority of the post reach and likes are paid, rather than organic.
Post Reach

At just a quick glance, you can see likes, comments, and shares have been decreasing since June.  The spikes throughout the graph typically reflect a post from the company.  The amount of shares were actually never very high and has decreased to zero.
Audience Engagement

The majority of page likes are a result of paid ads.  Very few were suggestions or from the company’s own page.

Page Likes

As a recently-launched husband/wife business, XYZ Company isn’t doing too terribly bad, but there is room definite room for improvement.  First, more organic traffic needs to be generated.  This is especially important for a small, new business.  By creating more organic traffic, some of the ad dollars spent could be spent elsewhere.  How can we increase this organic traffic?  Below are just a few suggestions.

  • Initiate an online share/referral program.  Encourage current Facebook fans to share with others.  After 10 shares, perhaps they get 10% coupon to use during a certain time period.
  • Generate posts when people are active.  Use the data to analyze when fans are online and engaged.  Schedule important posts at these times when they are most likely to view and respond.
  • Maximize original posts by tagging customers.  Examples of past posts show that the company frequently posts after completed installation or work.  Why not tag these customers in the post?  Installers could ask home owners to like their page and for permission to tag them in the post.  This gives the customer a perfect opportunity to share comments and reviews, while simultaneously extending the company’s reach to new clients.
  • Create a blog on the company webpage.  With consistent, relevant posts, XYZ could brand themselves as experts in the industry.  It would boost their SEO and generate more organic traffic.  Of course, a link to each blog post should be posted on all social channels.
  • Build a YouTube channel.  Use YouTube as a visual extension of the blog.  The company could publish tutorial videos as well as tips/tricks and product information.
  • Launch a campaign for both peak seasons, Fall and Spring.  Perhaps give daily tips/tricks or questions leading up to the peak season.  “Has your filter ever looked like this……? Did you know dirty filters decrease efficiency by…..”  Perhaps, the company could send out a mailing to local consumers prompting them to go online for additional info.

To build the brand image, it is extremely important to integrate all of the company’s social channels and traditional marketing.  Social channels should be advertised on print media and with social buttons.  Each platform must integrate well with the others.  XYZ Company should concentrate on specific data-driven strategies to make improvements.  IMC is a continuous process.  Although we cannot alter the data, we can definitely alter the approach!


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