Customer Reviews & Reputation Management

Everyone has something to say and social media has made it easy to speak up.  Not only are consumers voicing their opinions more frequently, but those opinions are reaching an enormous audience of active listeners.  When’s the last time you booked a hotel without checking the reviews or number of stars?  My point, exactly.

Social media has created a new avenue for consumers to communicate with each other.  It takes word of mouth to a whole new level.  This is great for us as consumers; we’re simply more informed buyers.  Brands can benefit from review forums as well.  If managed correctly, reviews can have a strong positive impact on brand reputation.  If managed carelessly, they can have just as strong of a negative impact.

Although consumers can leave reviews for nearly any product or service, let’s look at the hospitality industry specifically.  After all, where we lay our heads at night is what really matters.

See the importance?  Rather than try its luck with online conversations, I hope the hospitality industry embraces the opportunity review forums provide to manage brand reputation.

Below are two examples of consumer reviews, followed by a personal response of which I would craft as the resort’s Social Media Manager.  These are samples and are for educational purposes only.

Hi Travelwith3kiddos, I am glad you enjoyed your stay with us!  I’m sorry you didn’t get the pool view, hopefully you enjoyed the scenic views Orlando has to offer.  Next time you come, be sure to try out all three of our pools with the kids.  They can enjoy the slide again, while you rent a cabana or relax at the pool bar.  B-line Diner and Fiorenzo are both great choices.  As you saw, Fiorenzo is quite popular.  Sometimes, the guests are enjoying the experience so much, they stay longer than expected.  Tip: prime dinner reservations are from 7-8pm.  If you can book a little earlier or later, it may eliminate your extra wait.  Request Ralph on your next visit; he’d love to see you again!   I’m glad you took advantage of the covered parking and shuttle service.  As you saw, those short Florida storms can produce quite the debris.  The shuttle service is quite convenient; you can check with the front desk for a list of all its stops.  The massages are my favorite too.  If you’re needing a little extra TLC, consider adding on the Organic Facial.  It’s wonderful!  Reserve your spa services and check in on their Facebook page to receive a complimentary gift.  I’m glad you and your family chose Hyatt Regency.  We’d love to see you again.  Stop by the next time you’re in Orlando. – Jen, Social Media Manager

Hi LUVTOTRAVELWITHHUBBY, I am sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your time with us.  We are here to make the most of your stay and we take these situations very seriously.  We strive to provide you with the amenities you expect and the extras you deserve.  I am sad to see we did not meet your standards.  I appreciate your candor regarding your recent experience.  We want to make every guest stay as pleasant as possible.  You’ve provided numerous good suggestions on how we can improve our services.  We will definitely look into these.  If you have further details you’d like to share, I’m interested in hearing them.  You can contact me at  I hope you visit Fort Lauderdale again soon and come back to see us.  – Jen, Social Media Managers


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