2015 LDI Trade Show

Note:  This is for educational purposes only.

Although I would not have minded one bit if we were required to travel to Vegas for our assignment, this past week I followed the LDI Tradeshow online.  Live Design International (LDI) is the leading tradeshow for live design professionals.  The 2015 conference was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and ran from October 19-23rd.

LDI 2Unfortunately, I had to follow the tradeshow from home.  Fortunately, social media makes this an easy and relatively enjoyable task.  With over 10,000 attendees, LDI can make a pretty good impression in Vegas.  However, social media opens the door to countless impressions.

Twitter and Facebook were the two social channels of choice for LDI, with the previous being the top pick.  Although, their website displayed social buttons for other channels, such as LinkedIn and YouTube, LDI did not update those channels throughout the week.  They did have a mobile app, which LDI 3I downloaded and found to be beneficial.  The app was interactive and allowed individuals to search for exhibitors, events and speakers, save favorites for easy reference, and plan their time at the conference.  Push alerts were sent with significant and convenient time sensitive notices.  It included features that would benefit individuals present at the conference, such as a badge pickup, map, schedule, and special events info.  The app also included additional features that would benefit those of us outside of Vegas as well, such as exhibitor and sponsor info, a gear gallery, designer showcase, and LDI news.

Now, back to the social channels.  Like I said, LDI basically used only two networks.  Honestly, Facebook wasn’t used all that often by LDI themselves.  The page was more of a landing ground for exhibitors and sponsors at the event.  Many exhibitors posted videos and calls to action for their specific products and booths.  I would have liked to see more content generated from LDI.  The official LDI Twitter account was the main platform used for promoting this event.  Using #LDI2015, they promoted the show before, during, and after the live session.  The main content was product promotions.  Tweets introduced new products and directed visitors to exhibitor booths for more information.  Tweets also promoted on-site and off-site activities.  #LDIAfterDark was used to categorize the after hours LDI and Vegas activities.  Exhibitors also used the hashtags to tweet about their own products within the show.

Overall, I believe LDI could use some work on their marketing strategy for the live tradeshow.  The mobile app was something they did right; it should definitely be utilized next year as well.  And although they displayed a consistent brand image throughout their social channels, they did not integrate them well or use them to their full potential.  I would have loved to see more interactive tweets and posts.  Maybe some Periscope broadcasts from the convention or behind the scenes shots would be interesting.  I’d also like to see LDI tap into YouTube.  If any tradeshow would utilize YouTube, you’d think it’d be one such as LDI.  There were videos posted from the show, but none from LDI.  This video stood out to me, and illustrates how easily the show lends itself to video.  YouTube could be a great channel to promote the show and vendors.


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