E-Learning is easy they said…

imagesV0DR7A5HE-learning is easy they said.  You don’t have to study.
Every test is open book.  No time-wasting class to attend.
Just log in every once in awhile.  It’ll be a breeze.
You’ll barely even work for that degree!

E-learning is easy they said.  You don’t have to plan.
Every day is office hours.  No time-wasting class to attend.
Just log in every once in awhile.  It’ll be a breeze.
You’ll barely even work for that paycheck!

Is it obvious that my first online courses as both a student and instructor  were flops complete failures?

I learned the hard way.  Online learning is convenient and rewarding, but it takes a large amount of commitment and motivation.  One late night, after a desperate “secrets to online learning” Google search,  I stumbled upon eLearning Industry.  The actual article that caught my attention:  “The Best Kept Secrets to Succeed at Distance Learning.”  You should definitely read it.  There are some mind blowing tips in there!
Tip #1

Seriously though, the article was helpful.  And, I’ve found myself leaning on the social network every since. untitled (7)

eLearning Industry is the largest industry-related social network for educators and other professionals involved in the distance learning field.  The site has a wealth of information.  Viewers can find creditable articles on practically anything, from online learning platforms and tools to new trends and best practices.  The site promotes professional development and houses a resource library of trade conferences, events, seminars, webinars, workshops, etc.

The eLearning Industry’s Network runs the following sites:

There’s not much more that I love in this world than FREE resources; well, free anything really.  There is no excuse for eLearning professionals to not explore this social network.  Did I mention it’s all free?  No free trial period.  Free….forever!

Your (free) eLearning Industry account will link to your LinkedIn account.  Other than LinkedIn, you can find the network on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Personally, I think the network is missing out on significant awareness by not displaying their videos on a video sharing site, such as YouTube.  If eLearning had their own YouTube channel, the brand could at least promote its tutorials and drive traffic back to their Viva page.

If you read my post on Vine, you might be wondering why I’m not suggesting the use of the 6 second loop to promote the tutorials.  This could work, but the target market on Vine is largely teenagers and young adults.  So, unless the brand is going to include tips for students, I’d recommend YouTube over Vine for now.  However, I do have a few students in mind that need to see Tip #1:
Just saying…

I’d also like to see eLearning add a little proximity marketing into its IMC approach.  I wouldn’t mind receiving an alert on my phone at the next distance learning conference I attend…which I conveniently booked from their site.  As a matter of fact, I’d love to be directed to their booth.  Perhaps, I’d meet some of the authors that saved my sanity during that late night Google search!


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