3 Brands #RockingSocialMedia

Who would have thought Denny’s would be rocking social media?  As a little girl, I can remember praying my dad wouldn’t turn into the parking lot as he drove us to Sunday breakfast.  I hated that place!  What person under 40 doesn’t hate it?  (fyi: I’m still a few years shy!)  Actually, the only time I’ve even considered the diner an option was during college.  “Moons Over My Hammy” always seemed like a logical choice at 2 a.m.  I already knew I’d be sick the next morning…it couldn’t hurt!

Surprisingly, Denny’s has a higher social customer engagement rate than many other brands.  Who would of thought Grandpa was tweeting over his morning coffee?  With over 255K Twitter followers and more than 990K Facebook Likes,  America’s diner has increased followers by 150% in the last two years.  With an average engagement of 1,800+ per post, Denny’s has racked up more than 900 million social impressions and 15 million engagements in this short time.  Their YouTube and Instagram channels are sharing in the success.  Here’s a sample of the quirky video series.

So what’s going on?  Are Grandma and Grandpa finally embracing our digital world?
But, Denny’s isn’t counting on it.

If you check out their Twitter feed, you’ll probably think the company has employed your teenage son to manage its social media channels.  The brand has taken on the voice of a sarcastic, chill teenager.  And guess what?  It’s working!  The teenage persona is consistent in his messaging and imagery.  Check out these tweets.
Strange?  Maybe.  But, look at that engagement!

You can find the same juvenile humor on all of their social platforms.  Actually, the brand has even integrated it into their traditional marketing.  With billboards and posts centered around 3 a.m. trips to the diner, Denny’s has undoubtedly changed focus to a younger target market.  What’s brilliant about their IMC approach is the fresh, daily content.  You may remember The Dress debate that went viral a few months back.  Denny’s instantly responded to the ridiculous debate on Tumblr with their own “what color is this shake?” dilemma.

Whether it’s tweeting song lyrics
responding to a big game
or offering useful reminders
Denny’s is in touch with its audience.  The brand knows what consumers are interested in.  By coming across as “one of them,” the company has established a relationship with many of its patrons.  click the linkThey even drive traffic back to their site in a sarcastic, yet effective, way.  You can’t help but click the link!

With this clever, pop-culture approach, I’m shocked at the lack of hashtags used in their posts.  Even teenage boys understand the #power!  Denny’s is missing out on some big opportunities to connect their social conversations.  The brand did, however, recently introduce a new campaign, #bigburgerbash.  Perhaps this campaign will spark an interest in hashtag usage.  One hashtag they have taken advantage of:  #dennys selfie.  Be sure to upload one during your next late night breakfast.

Indulge in one too many Moons Over My Hammies?  You may just find yourself joining Charmin’s #tweetfromtheseat campaign.  This lighthearted campaign is designed to showcase Charmin toilet paper and relish the joys of bathroom relief.  According to TIME magazine, the clever hashtag earned Charmin a spot as the “sassiest brand on Twitter” in 2014.
ctweet1 ctweet2ctweet3
Present on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Vine, Charmin is active in the social media arena.  The company carries a consistent image throughout the social channels.  Although they are well integrated, you may notice a slight difference in the feel of the individual platforms.  Toilet paper is a tough business; it’s a broad audience!  Charmin is constantly evaluating consumers’ reactions and adapting its approach.

As a result, the Twitter feed has become a little risky.
charmin-uranus-hed-2014    images3 images4

While its Facebook page remains somewhat moderate.
Charmin Ultra Soft is as soft as your favorite fall sweater.

Posted by Charmin on Sunday, October 11, 2015


Which new fall series is watch-worthy, and which flush-worthy?

Posted by Charmin on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nonetheless, you’ll see the same imagery and overall message.  No one could mistake the lovable bear family!

Charmin is all about the call to action: literally and figuratively.
From posting a #tweetfromtheseat to participating in surveys and contests, the brand calls its audience to action in a variety of ways.  This past sweepstakes shows how the brand successfully integrated it’s marketing campaign throughout multiple channels.  If you like big prizes you can like Charmin on Facebook.

Charmin does a great job relating to consumers through interesting (as interesting as toilet paper can be) and up to date content.  They also do a nice job driving traffic back to the brand’s website.  Every survey, such as the one posted above, links users back to the site where they can explore the product or link to another social network.  And, if you’re interested, you can even download the Sit or Squat mobile app.  Although I’m all for finding a clean bathroom on the go, sit should not be an option for any public restroom!

Let’s talk about something a little more appealing than public bathrooms….
untitled3OREOS!  Who doesn’t love them?
(They are clean eating, right?)
Of course not.
That’s why I don’t eat them.
Very often.
In public.
When my kids are around.

Not only do they taste amazing, but the brand itself is pretty entertaining.  Oreo is a social media powerhouse.  With past campaigns such as Dunk in the Dark, 100-Day Daily Twist, and Cookie vs. Cream, the brand has set the bar high for its competitors.  Dunk in the Dark was a quick response to the Super Bowl Blackout which won the brand some well-deserved publicity.  The Daily Twist campaign is another favorite. For 100 days, Oreo used its social channels to display images representing important milestones and pop culture events.  To conclude the campaign, a live finale took place at Times Square.  Viewers could see the image created in real time and vote on a favorite to be displayed on future billboards.  A perfect example of successful integrated marketing.

Oreo has 41,208,053 Likes on Facebook, 1 million followers on Instagram, 769K Twitter followers, and 109,264 YouTube subscribers.  Actually, the brand has a presence on nearly every social network.

Known for its real-time marketing, Oreo uses hashtags to organize campaigns and connect messages to trending topics, ultimately bouncing users from one social channel to another.  The consistency creates a seamless transition between channels.  Here are just a few hashtag examples to check out.
#decktheballs – Christmas theme; oreo truffles
#playwithoreo – Inspire play for consumers with and without the cookie
#oreoeclipse – Used recent solar eclipse to market cookie
#flavorlove – Exploring various crème filling flavors
#oreothins – Promotion for the newest edition

So there you have it…3 social media rock stars.
Each of these brands are using their social platforms to create awareness and drive consumer engagement.

What secret ingredients do they share?
Humorous content.

Finally, marketers seem to get it.
Everyone likes the smart, funny guy!
Or girl!
girl oreo


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